Properly Caring For Your Cat's Teeth

If you are a cat owner, caring for them properly is a must so they remain in the best of health. One part of cat care is tending to their teeth. Here are steps to take to keep your cat's oral hygiene from faltering.

Brush Your Cat's Teeth Regularly

A cat's teeth, like a person's teeth, are susceptible to tartar buildup and decay. Because of this, it is important to brush away any remnants of bacteria from your cat's teeth as often as you can. To do this, obtain a pet toothbrush and paste from a store that sells pet supplies. Place a small dab of paste upon the brush and whisk it over your cat's teeth after a meal has been eaten, when your cat's breath is not pleasing, or when your pet is in a docile state. Many cats enjoy the taste of pet toothpaste, as it is similar to meat. They may not enjoy the process of brushing at first, however. Continue to try on a daily basis so your cat gets used to the procedure. 

Check Your Cat's Mouth For Problems

If your cat has a tooth problem, it is unable to voice its concern to you. You need to be diligent about checking the interior of your cat's mouth regularly so any problems can be treated by a veterinarian right away. Check that your cat's teeth are not cracked, chipped, broken, or missing. Look for inflammation of the gums or red areas upon the interior of the mouth. If a problem is noticed, contact a vet for an evaluation. During an assessment appointment, your cat's vet will likely scale your cat's teeth to remove tartar buildup and polish them as well.

Give Your Cat Tartar Control Snacks

When tartar remains on the surfaces of teeth, it will eventually end up underneath the gums. This can lead to gingivitis. If that problem is not tended to, periodontal disease follows. This can cause your cat's teeth to fall out. To aid in diminishing tartar from your pet's teeth, provide them with tartar control cat treats. These are usually quite tasty to cats. They will rub away tartar from the teeth as your cat chews them. If your cat does not like this type of snack, you can try tartar control dental wipes instead. Rub a wipe over your pet's teeth every few days to remove tartar and bacteria effectively.

For more information, contact pet dental care services in your area.