What You Can Expect When Your Dog Gets Neutered

When you take your dog to get neutered, you may not really know what you can expect. You may have a difficult time taking your dog to get neutered, especially because your dog may be so young, or if your dog is very attached to you and is afraid to be at the veterinarian's office. If you are taking your dog to the veterinarian's office for neuter surgery, you should be aware ahead of time what to expect. Read on for a few things you can expect.

1. Plan for An Overnight Stay

If you didn't already know this, your dog may need to stay overnight after surgery to be sure the surgery went well, and that your dog is recovering properly. You might not want to take your dog home and have to monitor the surgical wound yourself, especially if you have no experience with this type of thing. If your dog is going to have surgery, it's best that the recovery time afterwards is at the veterinarian's office just in case anything occurs or your dog is in need of medical attention at all.

2. Expect Your Dog To Rest

Your dog is not going to be acting like itself for a day or two afterwards. Your dog may want to sleep a lot more, which may be caused by the surgery itself or could still be from the anesthetic or other medication your dog is currently taking. Your dog is going to need to rest, so don't try to disturb your dog too much.

3. Expect Your Dog To Wear An E-Collar

After the surgery, your dog is going to need to wear an e-collar to prevent licking the surgical area and opening up the stitches that are present. If your dog licks the area, the stitches could be ripped out, or there could be a risk of infection as well. Be sure your dog continues to wear the e-collar until the surgical site heals or until your veterinarian tells you otherwise.

If your dog is going to be neutered, you should talk about the surgery with the veterinarian so you know exactly what to expect and how you should care for your dog after the surgery. Neutering your dog is the responsible thing to do for your pet, it can help lengthen its life, prevent some cancers, reduce the pet population and also help calm your dog down as well. Talk to your veterinarian about neutering today.